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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
This is our son in law Durwin Sewell and our granddaughter Abigail. We prayed for Abigail for about six years. The wait was worth it, she is a doll. Everytime we look at her we are reminded of the faithfulness of God and smile a big smile of thankfulness.

This is the Smith clan. Lori is our third, in birth order, daughter. Her husband is Dan Smith. She and he are on staff at First A/G in Owasso, OK as Children's Pastors. The little Smiths are Breanna, 9 years old, Serenna 5 years old and Keenan 8 months old.

Our oldest daughter Tina and her good husband Durwin. They live in Longview where Durwin is the founder and CEO of Greater Hospice of Texas.

This is Zion Olivia Conley, our newest granddaughter, born Sept 19, 2003

Some of you know we have bought a place in Arkansas where we will retire someday. Below is a picture of this house. Construction started on this house in 1935. The family, my great uncle, moved into it in August of 1936. When we bought it one year ago in September no one had lived in it in about 4 years, so it was in bad shape. We are remodeling it a bit at a time and will someday retire in the community of Bells Chapel just south of Atkins, Arkansas. Directly in front of the house one quarter of a mile is the Bells Chapel cemetery where we have burial plots. So one way or the other, if Jesus doesn't come first, we will retire in this community.

As you can see we are a long way from being able to live in this house.

Until that house is finished we will be living in this one that rolls.

Monday, December 29, 2003
Here are a few grand baby pictures.

1. Adara Nelson, daughter of our 2nd daughter

2. Here's a couch full of cousins. From left to right, Elisah Conley, Austin Sewell, the baby is Zion Olivia Conley, Abigail Sewell and Josiah Conley.

3. Best friends and best cousins Breanna Smith and Austin Sewell

4. Keenan Smith's first haircut, is this a good lookin boy or what?

5. A table full of cousins back row Adara Nelson, Austin Sewell, Elisha Conley, Front row Breanna Smith, Torie Beth Nelson and Sereena Smith

You might guess there will be more to follow.

Monday, December 22, 2003
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