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Saturday, June 17, 2006
This picture just came in, Zion Conley fished also!!

Adara Nelson graduates from Kindergarten!! Congratulations Adara!! This is the little girls who saw the hand of Jesus on my chest the night He unstopped the arteries of my heart.

Below Austin Sewell is awared his Advanced Blue Belt in Takwando.

In the two picturs below, Elisha and Joshia Conley display their first bream. I sure wish I could have been there with them, I love bream fishing and love these two boys too.

Below is a self portrait drawn by our granddaughter Lyndsey Nelson. She is a great artist and a temendous guitar player as well. Both talents are self taught. She's a great gal!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006
The Smith's of Owasso, OK

Austin and Abigail Sewell, Longview, TX

Chaplain Rick and Sister Conley

Adara Nelson, Marla, our 2nd, daughter's baby girl

Tori Beth Nelson, Marla's 8 year old.

Here is Chaplain Rick Conley, Chaplain for Rural Metro Fire Protection Company, Knoxville, TN. Rick is our son in law married to our youngest daughter Jeni.

Elisha Conley, son of Chaplain Rick. Elisah aspires to be a muscian.

Josiah Conley, is this a good lookin guy or what?

Zion Conley, all three of these Conley kids are keepers!!

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