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Saturday, August 26, 2006
I caught these two little rainbow trout, pictured below, yesterday (08/25/06). Both weighed in at right at 13lbs. I caught them near Hartland, New Brunswick, on a fly rod and red worms.

All of the above is true, however they were in a small pond in a fellows yard. He has hand feed them for about five years. The pond, behind me is full of them this size and some even larger.


Saturday, August 19, 2006
My granddaughter, Adara Nelson, started to Kindergarten in Milan, Tennessee this past week. Here is how her mother felt about it the night before the tramatic event transpired. . . .

"Ok it is 11pm the night before my little girl starts kindergarten. I thought this would be alot easier. I focused my atention on my days of freedom, seeing her meet new friends, learning etc. But tonight the mood has turned dark.
When I pick her up tomorrow-I will no longer be the smartest person she knows. I may not get to see her lose the tooth that is so loose. I wont know until she gets home if she made it through the lunch line. This little girl who was such a surprise to us(we call it serendipity-the phenomenon of finding valuable things not sought for) will just be one of the kids in a school uniform.
Will the teacher realize how small she is? How do I explain to a teacher that Adara will sing under her breath all day? How do I explain that she is a dancer-from the inside out and the only role play she does is as a worship leader? That kind of stuff is not easy to explain. This is not your average kindergarten kid-she is my baby.
Trusting God with her was easy this morning, but how will it be on her first day of school?
I need to finish sobbing and go to bed-so she can go to school."
-Marla Nelson's Email to us

Below are a couple of recent pictures of Conley grandchildren

Here is number 77 Elisha Conley at his first football game. He is a lineman.

This is not a very good picture of almost 3 year old Zion (the monkey) Conley. That is her arm with the little red shirt sleeve you can see in the top of the magnolia tree. The canopy you can see to the lower right is about 11 ft tall at the peak, so you can see she is well above that in the tree. Her dad Rick Conley made the rescue and all is well. Maybe some of us did descend from monkeys.:>)

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