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Saturday, July 28, 2007
Saturday, July 28, 2007, Pea Ridge, Arkansas
Family news this week includes the fact that . . . . .
JENI HAD A BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK!! I will not tell you how old she is, that would not be very nice to tell a lady's age. However, when she was born I was 29 and I am now 60. She was born the year the USA was 200 years old. Jeni is quiet the gal, she is our comedian. She always keeps things lively. Of course none of these girls are wall flowers. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENI!!
This week I arrived home on Monday from my 2007 New England Tour, so we did not do a revival this week. Durwin, Austin and Abigail came up to our place in Pope County, Arkansas to help us work on the. They were great helpers. I just wish they (and Tina too) and we could be together more. As well as all of our kids too. You folks who live near your children and grandchildren are very blessed. We and the helpers got the interior doors primed, the grass cut and several other things around the place done this week. Things are coming together little by little.
Lori and her family have bought a house in Haughton, LA. They moved to LA from OK and are now on staff (Dan is Christian Education and Missions Pastor, Lori is Children's Pastor) at Central A/G in Haughton, LA. I understand they will be moving into their new house (with a swimming pool no less) the middle of August.
Zion (Jeni's little girl) cut her hair again this week. I say again because it had just gotten grown out good from her previous encounter with barbering. Looks like she is taking after her Big Daddy in the hair cutting business.
Tori Beth (Marla's 9 year old) and Josiah (Jeni's 7 year old) both received the Holy Ghost at The Rose of Sharon Kid's Camp last week. So we are having revival this summer too.
Bobbye and I are very happy to be back together after being about most of the month of July. Being together all the time fits us much better than being apart. However, sometimes in this Evangelistic work there are times when we have to go our separate ways for a few days. She is my best friend and I can do about anything when she is with me. When we are not together I have a sense of insecurity. We will be married 42 years in December, so we are pretty much one anymore.
Be blessed, hope you have a great rest of the summer. Down south here school will be starting in just a couple of more weeks. I know the kids are excited about that.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Things are going well for the Austin clan it seems. It's a busy summer around our family.

Our grandson Austin Sewell, and our granddaughter Breanna Smith, both went to his first Youth Camp this summer. I can't believe they are almost teenagers. Austin will be 13 in September and Breanna will be 13 in December.

The other rugrats that are old enough also went to camp this summer. In fact Elisha, Josiah their mother Jeni Conley and Tori Beth Nelson and her mom Marla were all at the Rose of Sharon Kids Camp in West Tennessee, this week. I understand that Elisha got slain in the Spirit for the first time and Tori Beth and Josiah both received the Baptism with the Holy Ghost this week. Serenna Smith her Mom, Lori and her Dad, Daniel were in the Louisiana Kids Camp this week also.

Bobbye has been in Knoxville and Milan, Tennessee last week seeing the Tennessee kids. This week she has been in Haughton, LA taking care of Keenan Smith while his parents were at Camp. This weekend she is in Longview with the Sewell clan.

I have been in Maine, Vermont and tonight in Mass. I've been up here in New England now for three weeks today. I will be flying home on Monday (July 23). It sure has been nice and cool up here, a bit rainy however.

So that kinda catches you up on what's been happening in the Austin clan. I wish I had some new pictures to post, that would mean I had been close enough to these people I love to take a picture of them. However, that has not been the case for a while and it doesn't appear it will be for a while.

Be blessed and thanks for loving us. We love you.


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