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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Most of you out there in www land have never lived in a motor home. Bobbye and I have been in this one for seven years. When you "live" in an RV (Revival Vehicle) for an extended period of time you put something in every crack and nook. So it is in this one. I just opened a door to put something in the cabinet over our dinning table/desk and when I did a picture came flying out, as usual. It was picture of Zion Oliva Conley one of my seven granddaughters. When I saw it I smiled.
Then I got to thinking, I smile every time I see a picture of one of those seven girls and five boy grandchildren. I smile when I see a picture of one of my daughters (Lori emailed me about something the other day and she closed it, "I hope you have a good day." My reply was "I always have a good day when I hear from one of my girls." I mean that.) I know my mind may be a bit messed up and I may be very emotional today but I even smile when I see a picture of my son in laws.

For those of you who may read this and you live near your children and grandchildren you have no idea how blessed you are. We see our kids, grandchildren and son in laws a few minutes where ever we can (many times on a parking lot somewhere, or at a mall, a restaurant etc) and when ever we can (many times it's on the way to another revival). On a rare occasion we see them at their home but we have no home (yet, almost but not yet) for them to come to and spend the night with us, or set down to a home cooked meal (come to think of it even if we had a house for them to come to that was big enough to get them in even one family at a time, I'm not sure we would get a home cooked meal since my wife says God did not call her to cook and she is not about to get out of the will of God, but for the sake of the way I'm feeling right now lets imagine we would have a home cooked meal). I'm not fussing just observing that it cost something to have the ministry we have. We've lived this way so long now I'm not sure we could live any other way. But, today, I'm missing my kids and my grandchildren and since you were handy I thought I'd just say, if you have family near at hand an you get to see them regularly, stop to say "thank you Jesus, for this little favor in life."

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